SharePoint services primary known as Microsoft SharePoint is free for the deployment on-premises. You can use SharePoint Foundation to create multiple and different types of sites. This way you can easily collaborate on lists, documents, WebPages, calendars, and data. It is a collaboration tool and documentation management developed by Microsoft. Basically, it is known as a content management system and an intranet that is widely used for internal purposes to assist with bringing an organization together..

Is Microsoft SharePoint free?

Since long, Microsoft has offered a free, barebones, product that is known as Microsoft SharePoint. The product is used for the management of documents, but with the arrival of SharePoint 2016, it is no longer given as free. The core functions of Microsoft SharePoint is the storage of documents in a more effective format than the regular folder. This is mainly to bring the organization together so that everyone has the required access to the available information that is critical and relevant to them.

What are the benefits of using SharePoint?

Businesses can gain many benefits by using SharePoint such as:

  • Context around documents and folders: A traditional document is a folder that is stored basically somewhere on the server. SharePoint is more effective in this case and the reason is that it tracks the versions of the document and brings the context around the folder itself. For instance, if you do not have the history for each of your document then you can get more information about the file with the help of SharePoint. This way you can track every piece of information of the required document.
  • Enable constant communication with all staff: Earlier businesses used to copy an email and then send it to all their contacts. The idea was good but contains a lot of problem such as loss of information, and many emails fell in the junk folder and many recipients are not able to access the email. With the arrival of SharePoint, all the staff has access to their relevant information. It also helps in storing all the required information in a central location.

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